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Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas frecuentes

Where are you located? What are your office hours?

We hold classes in the New Orleans area in Uptown and in Marigny. Office hours are by appointment only. For any questions or to make an appointment please call us at 985.664.9793 or email us at info@casanola.com. PLEASE DON'T INTERRUPT CLASS TO SPEAK WITH AN INSTRUCTOR. Thank you.

How long are the courses?

Most of our courses last 8 weeks We sometimes offer courses that do not follow this schedule, so we recommend you read the class description to know when classes take place and for how long.

How much do the courses cost?

Our courses (Spanish 100-302) are $425 each. Class materials are provided to students at no extra cost. Take advantage of our early bird pricing to save.

What does your 2024 calendar look like?

We will have 5 terms this year. Semesters are planned as follows:
1/8-3/8 (Mardi Gras break 2/8-2/14)
5/20-7/22(No class May 27, Jun 29-Jul 7)
8/5-9/30(No class 9/2)
10/14-12/13 (Thanksgiving break 11/23-12/1)

My kid wants to join a course. Do you have an age requirement?

We currently offer courses for adults only (18 and older). We are considering future options for younger students. Join our newsletter to stay informed of any new offerings.

If I miss a class, can I schedule a make-up session?

Our courses follow a set schedule and do not include any make-up sessions. We may be able to schedule a private session with the instructor or another teacher, at an additional cost. If you miss a class, please contact your teacher so you can receive the class materials and catch up.

What is your refund policy?

We allow students to request a full refund after attending the first class, if they feel it doesn't suit them. Once the second week of classes begins, no refunds (full or partial) will be issued, except for courses cancelled by Casa de España.

Can I sit on a class before signing-up?

We give priority to students who have signed-up for our courses prior to the first day of class, since we have a limit for each course. If there are seats available, we can accommodate students that want to sit in class ONLY DURING THE FIRST WEEK, and with no guarantee of a seat. No materials or books will be provided until payment has been received, and no student shall attend a second class without enrolling first.

Do you have a minimum and maximum number of students?

We have a minimum requirement of 4 students to give a course. If this minimum isn't met after the first class, the course may be cancelled and the tuition refunded. Our maximum number of students is 12 per course, but some of our more advanced courses have a maximum of 7.

What is your class cancellation policy?

Casa de España does not provide a refund for any class or course cancellation except when we are the ones cancelling.

Do I get a discount if I already have the books?

No. Books are not part of the class fee. We provide them as a courtesy with the expectation that students will use them throughout their education with Casa de España.​ We do not supply a fresh set of books for each course. Each pair of books ​covers material from our 101 ​to 302 courses​, so we expect students to keep using them throughout their education.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer an early bird discount for students that enroll at least two weeks before the first day of class.​ Keep an eye out for the discount announcement on our website.

How much are the books?​ What if I lose them?

We provide a free textbook ​for the first course that you take (101 and up). ​If you need a second book​, for whatever reason (lost, spilled gumbo on it, using it to level a table, etc.)​ i​t will cost $40​.

What kind of Spanish do you teach? (Latin-American or European)

We teach Spanish. We do not favor any specific region. We teach the core of the language, which can be used in any country. Each country (even neighbors in Latin America) speaks differently and has its own slang and regional uses, which we don't teach. We do teach the "vosotros" form and conjugations that are unique to Spain, because they are essential to understanding and communicating with people from Spain. Some of our teachers are from Spain, but that doesn't mean we steer students away from Latin-American pronunciation or uses.

What is the meaning of life?

We don't know, but what if you run into the people who know and they only speak Spanish? Gotta be prepared!