Independence Day break 6/30-7/6.



Mondays 6pm to 9pm (6/3-7/29). No class 7/1.

LOCATION: Uptown New Orleans

INSTRUCTOR:  Kimberly C.

At the end of this course students will understand sentences and will develop skills for frequently used expressions such as:

– asking for and saying names
– talking about where people are from and what they do
– asking for and saying people’s nationalities, age, and basic information
– identifying family members and friends
– asking basic questions
– expressing possession
– describing things
– describing how people get around
– asking for and telling the time
– describing and talking about their abilities
– talking about work and study programs

Our methodology emphasizes global communication and maximizes linguistic immersion with instruction provided in the target language. These courses (ESL 1 – ESL 4) are designed to cover all 4 aspects of learning a language: speaking, listening, reading & writing. Class materials included.


Each course takes 8 weeks of class to complete.

Disclaimer: although we have a lesson plan for each level, progress is determined by the learning pace of each group of students. It is possible that not all items are covered by the end of the 8 weeks, or that new material is introduced by the teacher. Our main focus isn’t on sticking strictly to a lesson plan, but to ensure we are providing a strong foundation for communication using the English language.

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MARIGNY – Tuesday 6pm, UPTOWN – Monday 6pm