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Physical Distancing and Social Approaching

Physical distancing, the consequence of COVID-19

Now we cover our mouths, wash our hands and keep a longer courtesy distance. We are becoming less social, more solitary and more isolated.

Government recommendations and behavior when interacting with others have made it the norm. But the term social distancing is the wrong term for our health.  What we must practice is physical distancing to avoid contagion. We cannot forget that we live in society and are used to being part of a community. Living in society implies looking for moments that we share with our family, our friends and the opportunity to meet new people. This is part of our normality and our mental well-being.

The way we have all adopted to keep connected with our circle is based on technology and social networking. Although our routine now includes long walks or walking to do errands, we also do things from home that we used to do normally in a group, like streaming the same movie while chatting with friends, listening to musicians playing at the same time, but each one of them from home instead the same stage. practicing a sports routine or yoga in your living room instead of at a gym, and even groups doing puzzles while on a video call, to feel doing the same activity with others.

This can be a problem or an opportunity, depending on whether you see the glass half empty or half full. But this extra time for all of us gives us opportunities and it’s time to take advantage of them.

Practicing a new hobby, doing a new kind of training or learning a language are activities you can now do online. If Spanish is a language you wanted to learn or improve, this may be the best time. Now or Never.

In this time of quarantine and isolation, it is important that we stay virtually connected to the people in our lives. Let our minds remain active, with new challenges and ideas. Besides we are cautious and we changed our routines, it is important that we stay virtually connected to the people in our lives.

At Casa de España New Orleans we can help you to exercise your mind, practice social proximity with people with similar interests and who live in your community. An activity with people from the same environment you live in can help you stay socially connected. Our teachers may be your neighbors, or friends of your friends, who also like you, live in New Orleans and can show you the culture of the rich Spanish language.



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